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Ohio's Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System

The State of Ohio provides for the tracking of sexual assault kits so that survivors aren't left in the dark about what happens to the evidence once they leave the medical center. Survivors can use this website to anonymously check the status of their kits. Medical facilities, law enforcement agencies and crime labs are required to log updates when they collect evidence, analyze it, store a kit or take other actions, per Ohio Revised Code Section 109.68.

How to use this website

For survivors: You do not need to enter your name or any other personal information to access this site, and your kit's status updates do not include your name or other such details. That is meant to protect your identity and privacy. When searching a kit, only type the 6-digit number, do not include "OHR".

Instructions: When your sexual assault examination was completed, you were given a unique tracking number. Enter it in the "serial number" field in the top right corner of this website. Click on the magnifying glass to activate your search.

For authorized medical, law enforcement and lab personnel: Select "Login" and enter your username and password to update the status of sexual assault kits under your jurisdiction of your agency. If you received a passkey, please click here to register.

For additional information, please visit our SAKT Resources Page.